Just What The Heck Is A Shakiso Fruit Bomb?

Many non coffee drinkers (I know right, who knew they existed?) - claim they simply dislike the taste of coffee. Possibly because they tried something bitter or bland, they wrote coffee off altogether – not realizing the wide array of flavors and tasting notes great coffee can have.

And yes – it can even be fruity.

Enter Shakiso – often referred to as a “fruit bomb” because of it's combination of bold, fruity flavors (and no, that's not a reference to anything unsavory).

shakiso fruit bomb copy.png

Shakiso hails from Ethiopia – largely considered to be the birthplace of coffee and still home to some of the best and most unique coffees in the world. Ethiopia is home to a few different types of coffee, each with their own unique taste. For instance, the Harar region has a decidedly mocha hint to it while Sidamo has more of a citrusy bent.

Generally, though, the coffees in this area of the world are light and fruity, perhaps even floral, and often possess some complex tasting notes. The way it's processed can even change its flavor profile – for instance, wet processed coffee tends to be lighter and almost even tea-like (think lemon grass), while naturally processed coffee tends to be more fruity. 

Ethiopians take their coffee very seriously - it is, after all, how the country makes 60% of it's money. But it isn't just a business to them – it's a culture. While here in America it's not uncommon to sip a tall latte alone, sipping is a communal activity in Ethiopia. Entire families and even villages come together and connect over a pot of coffee.

Perhaps it’s because Ethiopia is the only place in the world where coffee grows wild, or perhaps it’s their reverence for coffee in their culture. Either way, Shakiso is a unique, flavorful brew not to be missed – even by those who might otherwise not like coffee!

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